Awesome Life Tips Book

Awesome Life Tips® is a collection of 365 tips on creating more depth and connection; building fulfilling relationships; creating alignment with your purpose, passions, and truth; and shifting your mindset from victim to creator. In short and powerful daily tips, author Stephenie Zamora gives you a daily boost of insight, direction, and inspiration to remind you that every moment of every day is an opportunity to consciously create an amazing life you love.

When I decided to write my first daily Awesome Life Tip almost two years ago, I had no idea it would grow into the collection (and following) it is today. I absolutely love writing these tips for you, and I love hearing from people who feel so inspired by the short burst of inspiration, motivation, and guidance that pops into their worlds every single day. I’ve collected my favorite 365 tips into this daily tip book so that you can have a physical copy to pop open and find inspiration as you need it.

If you love beautiful, physical books as much as I do, then I hope you’ll consider adding Awesome Life Tips® to your bookshelf. I’ve carefully curated these daily tips, laid them out one per page so you can make notes when you’d like, and packaged it all in a simple and timeless design so you can enjoy this collection for years to come! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them for you.

“I love your daily tips they’re awesome thank you!! How come you always seem to get it right with me every day – it hits the right spot!! xx” J.P.